iRobot May Become a Reality

iRobot May Become a Reality

By Jacob Linao

Just 10 years ago, it was the start for the new age of Computers. Five years later, there came the post-PC era and Smartphones have taken its mantle as the dominant source for data and information. Now, it's been two years and the first decade of 2000 just whizzed by, and in those 10 years alone, the world has gone through massive technological advancements.

The world witnessed the growth of computers and the grand entrance of Smartphones and Tablets. It is now the dawn of the second decade and the evolution of 3-D printing technology is bringing more invitations for more innovations. Such technology is now capable of creating an entire building or structure, and just recently, it appears it can create humanoid robots as well.

iRobot anyone?

41-year old French Sculptor and Model Maker, Gael Langevin has deviced a functional humanoid robot that is capable of displaying human characteristics. Named "InMoov", the robot has the ability to hold objects, tilt its head, and move its arms around. However, the robot is incomplete. InMoov's second half is yet to be completed, coded, and integrated. Nevertheless, it can still put a show for science fiction fans. The robot was made from multiple parts, those of which were from the 3-D Printer itself. According to Langevin, the animatron can be created from anybody with a basic 3-D Printer, motors, and $800.

Langevin also shared parts of the robot onto a digital file sharing site called Thingiverse (www.Thingiverse.com). With such opportunity for small techies and code aficionados, there is no telling what they could come up with designs.

Then comes the question of its growth and potential. Someday, will it be able to function like a Human? Feel emotions like a Human? Will it be able to hold an intellectual mind? Nobody is really sure. However, based from the last decade alone, there is no surprise that humanoid robots would become a reality, InMoov, being one of the first of many or perhaps hundreds, or thousands of its kind.
As the world pushes for further studies and research in technology, it will be possible that someday that humanoid robots or even 'Androids' will be able to live side by side with Humans, possibly at war. Who knows. The emerging technology of 3-D Printing is very intriguing indeed.