Google Stock Soars High

Google Stock Soars High

By Jacob Linao

Despite the strict grip of the European Unions Anti-trust investigation of the search engine giant, company stock rose 2.63% Friday, closing at $775.60 beating the previous high in October. The company actively holds two-thirds of the search market in the U.S. and the investigation in the EU is proving to be only a minute threat to investor interests. With Google's 90% maintenance of the search market in Europe, it may have confused some analysts and investors of the sudden growth.

One of he major contributions of Google's rising stock is their Android Smartphones and Tablets. According to the company, millions of Android devices are activated each day with many expanding into Wireless and Broadband areas, thus only fueling advertisement sales and growing much bigger as a search engine giant. Competition from Apple is easing for the company, as Apple's shares drop by up to 35% since hitting their high back in September of 2012.

Although shares of the company may have picked up pace compared to the rough ride in the previous months, it is not always sunny for the company. There are concerns for Google's Mobile Businesses as pay for advertisement clicks continue to decrease, having Google losing a significant amount of profit. Furthermore, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, have been implementing changes to the company's Search Engine and seemed to be aiming at Google. Unfortunately for the company, any sort of service innovation from its advertising market won't be much of a threat. Yahoo still has work to be done.