Iron Man-darin and Unchained Reflection

Iron Man-darin and Unchained Reflection

By Jacob Linao

Iron Man 3 is fast approaching and over the past weeks, leaks of screenshots and trailers have popped in the web here and there. Based on the trailers alone, Robert Downey Jr. sure worked his butt off to produce such a wonderful performance for fans of the series. In this third sequel, Tony Stark reflects himself and yet again goes into another fray with the new antagonist: the Mandarin, the leader of an infamous International Terrorist Organization. So what better way to celebrate the upcoming blockbuster than reveal a few facts of the movie!

Fact #1: The Mandarin is not the only Villain
Being the third sequel of the Iron Man series, it can easily mean standards are to be high and expectations are to be much higher. So to Shane Black, it means more villains! The new Blockbuster features three villains; The most obvious one is definitely the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) a leader of a global terrorist organization. The second being a military scientist named Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), going rogue after developing a virus that grants super human capabilities. The last and most promising is Coldblood, played by James Badge Dale, a human reanimated into a cyborg.

Fact #2: Armor resembling the Iron Patriot is featured

Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Don Cheadle) takes on the role of War Machine once again and this time, it is "donned" in red, white, and blue. The armor is very similar to that of the Iron Patriot. Foreshadowing for future films perhaps?

Fact #3: A "virus" to grant Tony Stark new powers.

After the military dismisses funding for a project held by Scientist Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), he goes rogue and further develops the project that turns out to be the Extremis virus. A virus that supposedly enhances human capabilities to that of a super soldier. Fortunately, Tony Stark uses a new medium for the virus to control his own army of Iron Men. Amazing.

So when the month of May rolls around, there will definitely be a huge flare for the theatrics when it comes to Shane Black. With all the hype, Iron Man 3 may just well exceed all expectations!

In addition to Superhero Action Flick. Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained has received quite a storm of positive reviews. The movie set in the old west follows Jamie Foxx as Django, a slave who who receives his freedom and in return seeks vengeance as he pursue the rescue of his wife from a cruel plantation owner (DiCaprio) along with a Bounty Hounter (Waltz). Overall, the movie is a ride full of action and down right bad assery.

A reader of TechBread recently submitted his thoughts of Quentin Tarantino's film. Brandon Thomas, an avid movie goer reflects his feelings for the movie and how the stars played their part. To acknowledge fans of the blog, it only feels right to showcase the voice of our readers!

" I Count Six Shots" by Brandon Thomas

" A foray, then, into the depths of Quentin Tarantino’s latest blood soaked, spur spinning, head blasting romp of a film. Django Unchained has been a talked about movie for quite a while now, and not without reason, it’s a bold, powerful work of art that both entertains and disturbs, that makes us laugh and makes us squirm. It’s a rare piece, we don’t get em’ like this often. 
                Django shows us two things, first and foremost it shows us that an event as big as slavery can be depicted as a big budget Hollywood release, that its never okay to forget about what horrors have been committed in America, and it also shows us exactly why Mr. Tarantino is regarded as one of the world’s best writer/directors; the tactfulness with which the whole sore subject is handled is extraordinary, this is probably the hardest film Tarantino has ever had to make, and it comes off just as effortless as any of his other work. 
             The film starts off two years before the civil war and follows the adventures of Django freeman, played by Jamie Foxx a slave searching for his wife, and Dr. King Schulz, played wonderfully by Crhistoph Waltz, a proper talking and professional bounty hunter. Beginning with the first meeting and following them through different exploits, the two begin a friendship and eventually team up to rescue Django’s slave wife, Broomhilda. The chemistry between Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz is a fascinating development, and the likable actors both give good performances. 
              Almost all of the performances are good in the film, Leonardo Dicaprio takes a strange departure from his handsome man jack characters to play Calvin Candy, a dastardly plantation owner that you will genuinely come to hate. Samuel l Jackson gives an entertaining if one note performance as Steven, the head slave at Calvin’s plantation. The best performance, by far, comes from Cristoph waltz, who executes all his lines perfectly, speaking in a candor from an older time. 
             The script, and the presentation are both classic Tarantino and surprisingly fresh. It keeps with the vignette like style of pulp fiction, with most scenes making sense on their own. Suspense is used in just the right places, and the violence is masterfully shot, being tasteful in a strange sort of way. Its prevalent in this movie more than any of his others that Tarantino both entertains and enlightens, characters still use rapid fire dialogue and long monologues, but there are also quieter moments, such as a story shared between the two lead, or a speech on dumas. 
             Overall, Django is a great film, it’s important, interesting, bold, loud and intelligent. Look no further for proof that Tarantino is the master of cinema. "

So if you haven't seen Tarantino's Django Unchained and are craving for hot gun-slinging action, it is best to feast your eyes on possibly one of his greatest works!

Also a special thanks to our reader Brandon Thomas!